A quick stroll through the last century or so.

Viruses have as interesting a story as we do, and often taking cues from us. So how better to illustrate the virology of Influenza viruses than through the lens of human history.

Campaign scope

The brief was to create an stand-alone interactive piece that could generate and hold the interests of healthcare professionals and the general public alike. This idea aims to show how active flu ‘evolution’ can be and how vaccines are becoming increasing advanced to combat them. If that’s overlaid onto modern human history, the stories have a familiar path.

Animation by Blindsalida

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2016 PM Digital Awards. Silver – Digital Interactive

March Through Time iPad



Initially, the virology of flu was to run parallel the human history story but in the wireframing process this was shown to be unnecessary.


Custom navigation had to be designed to incorporate into the timeline animation. These were primarily user-led story pop ups.

March of Flu
March of Flu
March of Flu
March of Flu
March of Flu

with a wide ranging audience, a number of hovers and prompts were developed to keep the story moving.


The timeline illustration was punctuated with lots of animated characters, events and scenes, like passing vehicles, dust and transitions between eras.

March Through Time timeline
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