Conversation starter.

Convincing vulnerable people to get their flu jab would seem easy enough but, in fact, a huge push is needed to get people to their doctor every year. This campaign's purpose was simply to get those, who often don't even realize they’re at risk, to question and discuss the subject.

Campaign scope

The reach of this enterprise is pretty huge. Targeted at both professional and consumer audiences in the UK, over 500 individual pieces were created including national press ads, online banner campaigns, b2b direct mail, posters and in-surgery materials galore, to name but few. And all in the short space of time between July and launch on the 1st September.

Illustration by Lee Playle and many an hour of design and studio time invested by the in-house team.

PM/Rx logo

Bunting - Let's
Bunting - Talk
Bunting - Flu

LTF Vaccination Instead HCP dps
LTF Diabetes poster

LTF Ts/Mumsnet banners

Who’s who?

Our myriad of characters were designed to speak specifically to targeted populations, whether that’s the over 65s, those with specific risk complications or GPs and other NHS staff. Reimagined this year in this attention grabbing campaign, our guys were put to good use both as close-ups (for ’a word in your ear‘ pieces) and in more whimsical poses and groups to underscore messaging and increase visual stand-out.

Let's Talk Flu logo
Dancing doctor
LTF website presentation
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